Need a Crutch?

Walking With the Bakers




Written by Roger Baker.

This is the web site that is following the family of Roger & Sue Baker as they travel together through life. Roger is working with the odd combination of multiple sclerosis and formerly with brain cancer. Sue is working with the odd combination of the diseases, her father William Shelley, and Roger. Bill is retired and now living with Roger & Sue in the basement as he wages his own battle with cancer. The three of them are balancing their fierce devotion to family, including Sue & Roger's two sons, Michael and Matthew, with the necessity of healing and loving each other. It's quite a story.

Previously, could only be admitted to this web site if you signed-up. This has changed since we're now more than two years past the predicted demise of Roger. You still have to sign-up to get to see the most private details, but there are very few of these details thus far. We'll tell you everything we can on the public side, and we hope that you continue to pray for us and our family. We'll be praying for you, too.

Sue & Roger, Bill, Michael & Matthew