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And now the next time...

Written by Roger.

Okay, officially things are back to the original problems. I have a new lump, originally theplace where the old cancers lived. This time, things are different. I had enough cancer that fighting it was very direct. This time, things are dfferent. I am taking chances to survive. 

The doctors first tried a direct approach. I was told the five-inch surgical exam didn't even go that far. The results showed more cancered brain than many couldn't survive. Sort of complementory but not too fun. I was put into a radiology treatment (fun!) and I am now out from that treatment for 2 days. I am waiting for the word on what we try next. Or if we'll being trying something. That's a tough situation. But all and all, Sue and I have worked hard to be ready for the time of death. Looks like this probably is the time.


Another Year, and a New Goal

Written by Roger Baker.

PDR 0563How do I possibly explain the last few months? I'll give it a try.

First, the biggest news: In October 2013 I had my last chemotherapy run. It was a slightly better run because I knew that if the MRIs in November showed no cancerous growth, I was ready to leave chemo. Great news: no more chemo! Chemo has been a burden, one I have tried to stay positive about, but it has been tough. Sue gave me a special diet to use, and during the summer and fall I returned to a weekly swimming/exercise routine. I am in far better shape than I have been the last two years!

My academic life has changed as well. Northwestern finally sent me my diploma, so I am now "Doctor Baker, Th.D." This impresses some people, but not me at all. The school is developing a poor reputation and will probably be closed in the future...we'll have to wait and see. It took several unanswered emails before I received the diploma, but I have it now. What I don't feel is that I want to tell people where I got this degree. I need to stay busy anyway, so I have a new goal - a Ph.D. in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary ( I am researching and developing yet another approach to the book of Revelation. This is purely theological research and writing. I hope to finish in 2014, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2015 arrives first. The research I have limited to about 50-60 volumes. Good new is I found almost all of them either in the public domain on the Internet, or cheap on eBay.


Studies Done... well, sorta.

Written by Roger Baker.

Okay, confession time: My brain project during the last year has been a doctorate . . . at a less than wonderful school. By the time I finished my degree, I had learned that the school, once with a good reputation as an independent school, had suffered dramatically. Now I have a Ph.D. from a school that I just don’t trust. Sigh.

The school, Northwestern Theological Seminary (NTS), had a decent, if not great reputation during the last few years. Slowly, through about 2009, its reputation got better and many more scholars started to approach it. The big advantages were low tuition and online classes.