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How Did It All Happen? My Perspective

Written by Roger Baker.

Okay, Sue gave you detailed info on what happened from her perspective prior, during, and following my hospitalization. But here's my recollection.

Clearly in the months before January I was slowing down. I realized that I was going to need to give up a lot of my volunteer stuff. I thought my problems were all multiple sclerosis-based (MS). In general I had a lot of pain last year and was losing the ability to concentrate. Simple tasks turned into difficult tasks. Dealing with many people became difficult as I lost patience, something that is entirely out of character for me. In April 2011, I told the abbot of my religious order, the Order of St. Luke, that I needed to lay aside the role as webmaster for the Order. I had already started the process of laying down the webmaster task for several other sites - our swimming pool, our PTA, other places, you get the picture. I simply couldn't focus long enough to keep up with the necessities related to web mastering.

In November 2010 we lost my mother-in-law to heaven, and my father-in-law proceeded to hospitalization. Because we're close to my in-laws, this was quite a rough transition. At the same time, my MS symptoms (so I thought) got worse. Slower gait, less threads of thinking, discouragement. By the time January came, I was discouraged. On the positive side, I was doing pretty well in physical therapy (PT) at my gait was remaining stable, and strength was increasing. But getting much more than PT accomplished each day was becoming difficult. Conducting Bible studies was a rough task, and the last session for men of the church went well only because of the charity of the men and their kindness.


Welcome, and fasten your seat belt...

Written by Roger Baker.

Hi everyone! First, to those many people who sent get-well cards, made phone calls, stopped by the hospital, cared for the kids in dozens of ways, thank you. There aren't sufficient words to say how grateful I am. You guys really rescued our family. I am intensely grateful, and I am still writing thank-you notes. If you haven't received yours, I apologize. I am trying to respond to all.

The articles on here are going to detail what the next several months will be like in the Baker household and also specifically with me. Frankly, the departure talk from the surgeon when I was discharged from Walter Reed/Bethesda was neither cheery nor positive. Sue & I were given time to vent with one another and then basically two weeks off while we adjusted our heads around my new lifetime possibilities.

I want to be frank. First, if you cannot keep this to yourself, please don't read any further. This isn't for sharing with your children. When time is right, only then will we share with our children the threat their father is facing. But the timing isn't right yet. They don't need to have many months of dread or fear (or eagerness, either!) Please just keep this web site to yourself, okay?


Who Are the Bakers?

Written by Super User.

The Bakers are a family residing in Burke, Virginia in the USA.