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It's a fact: One Year Ago Today...

Written by Roger Baker.

IMAG0229My friends, it has been a year - one year ago today I was diagnosed with brain cancer. The outlook was NOT good, and I am still on the short-life list. But making it this far with no additional cancer detected is a big, big win and advances my recovery in a big way. The doctor who examined me today confirmed that things are going very well, far better than expected, and it look like I have many months more. Of course, no one is using the phrase "years" yet, and I expect I won't ever hear this from the physicians who are examining and treating me. But this is the last day of year one in my diagnosis, and on March 17th (anniversary of the official "death notice") I will celebrate the completion of the first of what I think is going to be my favorite day, St. Patrick's Day.

By the way, the picture of me is minutes after hearing the congratulations by the doctors. This is a BIG deal. Cancer physicians don't offer good news to a patient whose demise is predicted and published. I am not out of the woods (I have a remaining life stuck in the woods) but I have made major progress. It is a big deal and wonderful news!


Made It Through Chemo Again!

Written by Roger Baker.

roger feb7 2013Here’s the latest update: I am still here! It can be said better, though, so I will tell all. The chemo capsules (three of them) taste awful and are the last things I take before sleeping. I don’t know what is in the chemo and if I asked, I don’t remember anyway. I usually get very tired within taking the capsules and then I crash hard for about 2 hours. The hard part is when I wake back up in the evening. I try to relax and then sleep, but sometimes I can’t reach that part and simply have a stretch of night where I lightly doze off and on. Sort of like taking a nap on a long airplane trip, never quite relaxed.

The best thing going on for me right now is finishing my doctoral thesis. I hope to have the bulk finished before the next chemo run. I am filling in several excerpts and opinions from books I have to complete the quotations I need. So far the paper has about 275 footnotes.


New Year and Good News!

Written by Roger.

my plateThose of you who follow me on FaceBook will notice that there is more information here than elsewhere, plus photos. If you've taken the time to look me up, I figure it should be a good show. But remember, I still have limits.

Yeah, that's my license plate. Like it? The Facebook-only crowd hasn't seen it.

I have had a much better week than I ever expected. The ninth day of Christmas begins the 7th run at chemotherapy and a report from the docs that my MRIs still look clean! Like all cancer patients, I still have a long way to go, but it looks like I am making very good headway. There are some problems upcoming with the prolonged use of the drugs I have been prescribed. The danger isn't immediate, but in the future I can expect a change to the medications. I'll post the details as I learn them. The meds I take for MS are very simplistic and only require a daily injection (and, thanks to the American tax-payer, cost me nothing.) So while I am curious and hopeful, this issue isn't deeply affecting my thinking. Then again, these days, what does?