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Treatment Starts

Written by Sue Baker.

Family and Friends -

It's been one busy week! After all of the doctor visits (one every day this past week), we now have what looks like a schedule.

Roger will begin chemo and radiation on the same day, 10 April 2012. He will have radiation 5 days weekly (Monday through Friday) for 30 treatments. He will have chemo for the same amount of time.

Then, we'll make the same round of physicians, have more scans taken, and have about 4 weeks off.

After that, he'll be on chemo 5 days, then rest for 23 days and back to chemo for 5 days, then rest again for 23 days.

And so it will go for about 6 months.

At the 4 month point, we'll have new scans and physician visits, then at the 6 month point, and so on for a year.

The rest we'll make up as we go along. :-)

Thank you for your prayers, patience, and kind words as we get through all of the set up! You truly do sustain us!