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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Written by Sue Baker.

What a difference a day makes!

OK, well that and REALLY good physicians and nurses…..

Roger has responded well to the many medications the physicians have prescribed.

Yesterday, he was able to speak coherently with correct word choice in context. He was able to make a few phone calls and exchange some e-mails, and fully intends to talk and write to his heart’s content before his surgery. I’m just warning you.

The boys were invited to visit yesterday, and enjoyed a late picnic supper with Roger while regaling him with the tales of building benches for an Eagle Scout project. To hear Matt tell it, this was nothing short of an engineering design marvel, and Mike got to lead one of the small work teams. Not sure having an 11 year old in charge of power tools is necessarily a great idea, but they worked it out.

Roger’s sister arrived last night, and we are very glad to have here with us this week. She will be riding herd on Roger.

Surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday, and the doctors have told him to expect to be unable to speak for a few days while he heals. They also believe he’ll spend about a week in the hospital afterwards.

Thank you for your many prayers, thoughts, and kind words! We appreciate them more than you know.