Need a Crutch?

Walking With the Bakers


Getting Ready

Written by Sue Baker.

Friends and Family –

Roger had another very good day yesterday. His medications continue to work, and so he is able to speak clearly and contextually. He joked with the boys and enjoyed their visit a lot.

Today holds an intense day of preparation for surgery tomorrow. We will be meeting with the surgeons and all of the staff involved in the procedure and his recovery.

He fully intends to talk and e-mail and text until he is too tired to function…. He says he needs to get all of the stored words out now before they become stuck again. With his meds, he speaks more quickly than the Chipmunks, so please be prepared if you see his number on your phone :->

The boys were invited by the Marine Parents Association to have dinner in the Wounded Warrior suite last night. They were thrilled! Highlights included chips and salsa, soda, and homemade cookies… oh, yeah, and some cool guys in hospital pajamas. This group was wonderful to all of the patients, family, and staff who found themselves at the hospital on a Sunday evening.

My lack of ability to navigate this hospital has become legendary… my defense is that my previous experience here allowed me to walk through walls (while it was under construction).

All of us thank you for the many prayers, thoughts and kind words. We are doing OK at the moment, and appreciate you all so much – words can’t begin to express.

As always, I can be reached on my cell phone.