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Today's the Day!

Written by Sue Baker.

Family and Friends –

Roger had a great day yesterday! He held court from his hospital bed and completely drained the battery on his cell phone twice talking and typing.

We visited with all of the care team at one point or another, and got all the details of the plan for today.

About 6:00 last night, the residents came in and offered to shave his head and place the glow-in-the-dark markers for the MRI and ultrasound machines they will use in the OR today. If you’ve ever seen AMC’s Breaking Bad, you now have a mental image of Rusty’s current appearance….. they did leave the eyebrows and the mustache!

The boys visited for awhile last night as well. They are being themselves, and were more interested in finding YouTube videos to show than in talking…. I guess watching You Tube is communicating in some way….

OK, back to the point…. The surgeons plan to begin at noon today, and they expect to be about 6 – 7 hours in the OR. Rusty will return to his ICU room after Recovery, probably not until the early hours of tomorrow morning. As he says, though, it will be harder on MJ and me since we don’t have beds and we missed out on the nice medications he will have. He and the surgeons plan to allow him to sleep through the entire process. Good thing, I think.

Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts, words and deeds! We appreciate you so much!

As always, if you need to call, please call me, as Rusty says he’ll be unable to take calls today…. And tomorrow you may not get the response you’re looking for. :->