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An Intense 24 Hours

Written by Sue Baker.

Family and Friends –

It’s been another intense 24 hours. I apologize if you haven’t heard directly from me in the last 24 hours….. I’ve been working in fits and starts.

Roger’s first surgery went well, lasting about 4 hours. He recovered in the ICU rather than in the PACU, and did pretty well for the first 5 hours after surgery.

About 1 a.m., his care team noticed that he wasn’t responding as well as we’d expected by that time. A CT scan revealed that he had fluid building in the spot they’d just worked on, so back to the OR he went. He returned to his room about 4 to recover again. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night. Rusty claimed he slept the whole time, and he was just as tired as we were.

Yesterday, the nurses woke him every hour to “do tricks”…. Shake hands, drive his car, stick out his tongue. I think he’s already frustrated with those, and wants to move on to something else – like marathon running.

He had a follow-up CT in the middle of the day and a follow-up MRI last night. The surgeon was pleased with his CT; we haven’t heard about the MRI yet. The pathology report isn’t expected back until next week.

After the MRI, he was allowed clear liquids. He enjoyed a fine vintage of ginger ale and ice chips. He laughed for the first time after he sipped his drink. He said real food tasted so good! I’m thinking he’ll enjoy jello a lot more today.

Today, we expect to be working on getting him disconnected from the IVs and moving a bit more. His speech and understanding of context works much better now than it did yesterday morning. He certainly has the “eye roll” down pat.

The boys have been staying with wonderful friends just down the street from us. They are doing OK through all of this.

Thank you to everyone! We have felt your prayers and know we have been in your thoughts.