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Walking With the Bakers


He's Getting Fiesty!

Written by Sue Baker.

Family and Friends –

The transition to the 4th floor has done wonders for Roger. He has decided he will wear his own lounge clothes, thank you very much. Enough hospital gowns for him.

In the last 24 hours, the surgical team removed the drain and has allowed him to go without a surgical dressing. MJ and I are betting that he will have a permanent center part from the scar, but he says he may continue to shave his head….. yeah, right…

He worked hard with the therapy teams on Friday, and is now allowed up to shower, walk the halls, and read/converse/type to his own limits. We are working hard to now to limit day time sleeping so he sleeps at night. This morning, he took a lap around the unit, climbed a flight of stairs, showered and shaved.

He then declared that he would not eat hospital food for lunch and promptly staged a protest until the charge nurse called for permission for MJ to take him to the Subway in the medical building. We’ll not mention last night’s leftover pizza the boys took, shall we?

Rusty will stay in the hospital through Monday at least. The therapy team would like for him to have some intense physical and speech work as part of his recovery, so they are also looking at transferring him to Virginia Hospital Center before allowing him to come home.

The surgical team says the results of the pathology studies will be available Monday as well, and we’d like to have those before we leave Bethesda.

All in all, it’s been a good day and a half.

Rusty is humbled and awed by everyone’s expressions, thoughts and prayers. We truly appreciate you!

Thank you!